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Basic Info

  • Man

  • 61

  • South Africa / Johannesburg

  • Great body, superstar looks OK LETS GET SERIOUS NOW, Mr. average looking, slim, have most of my hair and all my teeth except the one I lost in a – only joking again, Friendly, happy, sincere, kind, generous and love kids, great looking (sorry there appears to be a gremlin in my keyboard and this keeps coming up, cant even get to delete it this time around) basically I'm a 54 year old divorced guy. I work hard and try and enjoy life as much as possible. The time has come to find friends with the idea of settling down. I run my own business which is people orientated. I have a delightful (have to say that) 19 year old daughter who stays with her mother and at her age spends most of her time with her friends. I'd like to meet that special person and enjoy our futures' together.Picture will be posted soon as I Photoshop and Airbrush it,

  • OK let’s start at the most important item on the list, just in case you think I'd overlook it,

    Ready for this one -

    YOU, (cheezy, maybe not too cheezy)

    Now for the mundane,

    actually, you know what?

    I've written this column about half a dozen times already and can’t put something really interesting or exciting together, not because I have no interests but because there are so many different things that grab my attention at any given time, but I assure you that you'll be kept entertained. I'm into movies, great restaurants, fun with the kid's, computers, gadgets and gizmo's (what guy isn't) books, people, my work, my friends, your friends and I'm sure a whole heap more but starting to bore you so I'll elaborate when we meet.

  • Time stood still and when we realised it was already daybreak, we had so much to talk about and the chemistry was there, palpable, in the air, before we parted we'd made another date. On my way home I called to say WOW, what a great time, your phone was engaged and my heart sank, I called again a while later and you answered, whew, you asked who I’d been talking to, you’d tried calling me to say you were looking forward to the next time ……………. We lived ……………..


  • 5'8" (1.73m)

  • Gray

  • Light Brown


  • No

  • Socially

  • Some College/University

Home Life

  • Divorced


  • Unaffiliated

  • Occasionally on Festivals and Shabbat

  • I try eat Kosher when I can

  • Ashkenazi


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