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Basic Info

  • Man

  • 34

  • South Africa / Pretoria

  • Shalom. :) I'm a decent, friendly and creative guy who is currently studying Method Acting/Drama. I also have a diploma in Filmmaking of which script-writing and directing are my passions. I'm hoping to start my own film and theater production company. I'm introverted but open up completely once I get to know you. I'm a sensitive person. Respect and kindness is important to me as I don't appreciate battle of the sexes nor sarcasm and manipulation. My star-sign is Aquarius.

  • Reading, astronomy/space-science, browsing the internet, watching Sci-Fi films and TV series. I enjoy to learn more and expand my knowledge. I enjoy Zecharia Sitchen's books and theories(a Jewish scholar on ancient Middle Eastern religions.)

  • I'm looking for an attractive, good-looking, friendly Jewish girl who is not afraid of commitment. Open-mindedness, caring, modest and soft-spoken are very attractive qualities to me. Ideally, I'm looking for somebody who is also an introvert but depending on the personality an extrovert would be welcome (after all, it creates balance) I find sarcasm and superiority a major turnoff. I'm looking for a humble, creative person who also has a passion for film/acting. Looking to find somebody who could be my helper for life (not only as a wife but also as a partner in my future film company.) Can't wait to meet you. :)


  • 6'0" (1.83m)

  • Brown

  • Dark Brown


  • No

  • Socially

  • Currently at College/University

Home Life

  • Single, never married


  • Unaffiliated

  • Every Shabbat

  • I try eat Kosher when I can

  • Ashkenazi


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