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Basic Info

  • Woman

  • 50

  • United States / California

  • I am a very intelligent (IQ top 1%), professional (VP for a Fortune 500), multi-talented, and a good-looking lady (pretty without makeup, and a head-turner with). I am also outgoing and a doer. I am every bit as comfortable in a formal or in jeans. I also like quiet times, curled up on a couch and cuddling through a movie. I am not a string bean (size 8), but I do take care of myself and work out at the gym regularly.

  • Having moved quite a bit in my youth, as well as a bit as an adult, I am hooked on travel. I love to experience new cultures and ideas. I also enjoy working out, gardening, reading, crafts, antiquing/craft fairs, laying on the beach, and a whole lot more. I have a reputation as a good cook, and Im already booked for singing at my friends house next Pesach.

  • I am looking for a best friend and a partner with whom to build a family and memories to last the rest of our lives. Im not looking for something part-time. He should be secure with himself. We should have enough in common to want to spend most of our free time doing things of mutual interest. However, that does not preclude times doing things separately. I would relocate myself for the right person.


  • 5'6" (1.68m)


  • No

Home Life

  • Single, never married


  • Reform

  • Fill in Later

  • Fill in later

  • Ashkenazi


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