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Basic Info

  • Man

  • 56

  • Latvia / Riga

  • If pressed to describe myself in a single sentence of moderate length, I would say that I am an introverted extrovert compared to whom Thomas Hardy is an oracle of optimism, Winston Churchill an archetype of taciturnity, and Woody Allen an exemplar of emotional equilibrium. I have been more conventionally described as unconventional, honest, intellectual, nonconformist, serious, bookish, intense, stubborn, forthright, argumentative, interesting, and, yes, difficult (at times).

  • Among my preferred activities, thinking, reading, and talking are too important to be labeled mere hobbies. I also enjoy writing, traveling, watching movies, going to the theater,and playing Scrabble.

  • What I value most in friend and partner alike are intellectual vitality, moral sensibility, and absolute honesty. Everything else is secondary--not necessarily unimportant, but much less crucial than having an active mind, a firm sense of right and wrong, and an abiding commitment to truthfulness (with oneself as well as with others). Of course, a capacity to cope with a personality as offbeat as these words suggest is also highly appreciated.


  • 5'8" (1.73m)


  • No

Home Life

  • Single, never married


  • Reform

  • Fill in Later

  • Fill in later

  • Ashkenazi


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