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Basic Info

  • Man

  • 48

  • South Africa / Cape Town

  • I could fill this block up with all the warm fuzzy activities, red wine, log fires and what a great guy I think I am -  but that wouldn't differentiate me from most of the other profiles on here.

    At my current stage in life, having ridden the waves and experienced most things, I've developed a certain philosophical and fatalistic approach to events. I am completely at ease, confident and at peace with myself. Ive learnt to only focus on the present, try to control only the things one can control. I back myself at all times. I base my happiness on myself and not on any dependancy to anything or any person.

    I am mildly eccentric in my work and social habits. I am generally unconventional and hate routine. My work is based on financial consulting and education - giving something back where possible.

    My free time and pastimes are based purely on qualitative ideals and are neither quantitative nor materialistic. I am equally at ease in engaging the mind, body or senses to this end. I travel overseas a lot, enjoy boardgame evenings, fine wining and dining, social events and try to play guitar/sing and work on my music everyday if I can.

    Its difficult to find words to summarise myself but if I had to list my top few traits to describe they would be: youthful, dynamic, warm, cheerful, committed and intellectual. I a dreamer, romantic and idealist - mixed in with large doses of reality as needed.

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  • I am an old style down to earth guy, outgoing and communicative.

    I get on with just about everyone but ideally I would like a women who is caring, unspoilt, down to earth and thoughtful. Someone free, cheerful, playful, warm, spirited and compassionate.

    A fun loving and life loving person who knows how to over do it, as well as doing it over !



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Home Life

  • Single, never married


  • Reform

  • Fill in Later

  • Fill in later

  • Ashkenazi


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